Cracow Guitar Quartet

Miłosz Mączyński – classical guitar
Joanna Baran-Nosiadek – classical guitar
Łukasz Dobrowolski – classical guitar
Mateusz Puter – classical guitar



About Cracow Guitar Quartet

An ensemble Cracow Guitar Quartet was founded in 2006 and is composed of artists who are bound with Cracow: Milosz Maczynski, Joanna Baran-Nosiadek, Lukasz Dobrowolski and Mateusz Puter.

The ensemble has been involved in implementing many music projects both in Poland and abroad and has been performing at the most prestigious guitar music festivals. The quartet has been conducting master classes for young virtuosos of classical guitar and has also been recording for Polish Radio and TV (including live in concert recording in the studio of the Polish Radio in Katowice).

The ensemble is a winner of many international competitions:
1st prize – 12th International Guitar Competition 2009 – Ile de Ré (France)
1st prize – International Moscow Music Competition 2020 – Moscow (Russia)
1st prize – 5th Danubia Talents International Music Competition 2020 – Budapest (Hungary)
1st prize – The Muse – International Competition 2021 – Athens (Greece)
Grand Prix – 5th International Master Competition for Music Teachers 2017 – Warsaw (Poland)
2nd prize – 94 Concours International Léopold Bellan 2020 – Paris (France)
3rd prize – 15th Altamira Gorizia International Guitar Competition 2018 – Gorizia (Italy)

In 2010 the CM Records published the CD of the quartet "From Ballet to Tango" demonstrating the beauty and richness of dance music spreading over from the Renaissance to modernity, bridging the gap between Europe and South America, spanning a vast body of work, from masterpieces to enchanting folk-based compositions, all the being performed in the new intriguing sound of four classical guitars. This recording received excellent reviews in the Polish and foreign music press.

In 2019 the ensemble officially represented Poland at the special concert of Cracow Guitar Quartet at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh. At present the Cracow Guitar Quartet is regarded as an outstanding Polish ensemble in classical guitar.




Cracow Guitar Quartet has been performed for among others:

International Guitar Festival - Ile de Re (France)
International Festival - Nuits Romanes (France)
International Festival Ivana Ballu - Dolny Kubin (Slovakia)
International Guitar Festival - Modra (Slovakia)
Konzertreihe Gerlando im Hirsvogelsaal - Nuremberg (Germany)
Gitarrenfestival in der KlangMannufaktur - Hof (Germany)
St Giles' Cathedral - Edinburgh (Great Britain)
International Guitar Festival - Polish Guitar Academy in Poznan
International Guitar Festival GITARA + in Wroclaw
Czeslaw Drozdziewicz International Guitar Festival in Krynica
International Guitar Festival - Lubuskie Spotkania Gitarowe In Zielona Góra
International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music - Wygielzow-Lipowiec
International Festival The Pearl of Baroque - Masters’ Concerts
International Festival “World Music” in Polanica Zdroj
International Festival of Young Laureates of Music Competitions “Silesia”
International Music Festival in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Krakow
Artur Malawski Podkarpacka Philharmonic in Rzeszow
Oskar Kolberg Swietokrzyska Philharmonic in Kielce
Gorzow Philharmonic
Polish Radio Concert Studio in Katowice
Music in Bielany - Festival of Chamber Music in Warsaw
Festival - Orawa Guitar Days
Festival - Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz Days in Krakow
Biecz Music Summer - Festival of Organ and Chamber Music
Festival - Muzyka w zabytkowych kosciołach i wnetrzach Ksiestwa Nyskiego
Festival of Organ and Chamber Music in Czestochowa
Barbican Music Festival
Lutheran Festival of Chamber and Organ Music - Music on the Royal Route
Summer Festival - Muzyka nad Zdrojami in Szczawnica
Summer Concerts in Podgorze - Krakow
Former Palace of Cracow Bishops in Kielce
City Theatre in Sieradz



Miłosz Mączyński


In 2010 he graduated with honors from the Academy of Music in Krakow in the guitar class of Michael Nagy, PhD. In 2014, under the supervision of Professor Janusz Sochacki, he defended his doctoral dissertation and received the degree of Doctor of Arts.

A winner of national and international guitar competitions, inter alia, Third Prize at the International Guitar Competition in Montreal (2011), Third Prize at the International Guitartalent Competition in Brno (2014). He has also received awards for outstanding interpretations  – the Special Prize for the best performance of Mark Pasieczny’s composition at the International Guitar Competition in Olsztyn (2009). He perfected his skills by taking part in numerous masterclasses conducted by, among others, Roberto Aussel, Ricardo Gallen, Pablo Garibay, Marcin Dylla and Edin Karamazov.

He has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in Poland, Austria and Northern France, as a soloist in the concert of M. Castelnuovo- Tedesco’s compositions. He participated in the first performances of works created by Polish composers of the younger generation, with whom he cooperates, keen to extend the repertoire for the guitar.



Joanna Baran-Nosiadek


Joanna Baran-Nosiadek graduated from the Music Academy in Wrocław where she also perfected her classical guitar skills at the post - graduate master studies in chamber music in the class of prof. Piotr Zaleski, she completed them with distinction.         

As a member of Alirio Duo she was awarded numerous prizes at classical guitar competitions, including: the second prize at the Poland-wide Guitar Competition in Koszalin (1994), the first prize at the Poland-wide Guitar Competition in Kielce (1997), the second prize at the International Competition in Gdańsk (1997), special distinction and second prize at the International Competition of Chamber Bands in Przemyśl (1998, 1999).

She also twice entered the strict finales at the International Guitar Duos Competitions in Germany: in Nuremberg-Bubenreuth (1996) and in Cologne (1999). She attended many master courses, taught by outstanding musicians, e.g.: Alirio Diaz, Raphaela Smits, Pavel Steidl, Philippe Villa, Simon Standage, Michael Troester.

Joanna Baran made a series of transcriptions of the pieces, e.g. those by J.S. Bach, M. Karłowicz, F. Chopin and K. Szymanowski - for the Cracow Guitar Quartet. She is a teacher of the guitar class in the Chopin Memorial High Music School. She also conducts master classes, likewise she is invited to be a member of juries at music competitions.



Łukasz Dobrowolski


Łukasz Dobrowolski graduated from Academy of Music in Cracow (the guitar class of

Michał Nagy) and from Musicology Department of the Jagiellonian University. He perfected his guitar skills while attending the master courses that were taught by e.g. Abel Carlevaro, Eduardo Fernandez, Gerhard Reichenbach, Jorge Cardoso or Marco Socias. He was granted scholarships at the University of Buffalo, The State University of New York, The Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust in London, the Universidad de Granada.

He gives recitals as well as chamber music concerts in Poland and abroad (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Canada, USA).

He also does some research in music in the Musicology Department of Jagiellonian University in Cracow. At present he prepares his Ph.D. dissertation which is devoted to the guitar concerts by Joaquín Rodrigo. A field of his interest in Musicology is Spanish and Latin American music.

Since 2004 he has been collaborating with PWM Edition in Krakow. Łukasz Dobrowolski prepared entries that were printed in the PWM Music Encyclopedia. He is the author of the first Polish contributions concerned with the biography of Edvard Grieg and Joaquín Rodrigo.



Mateusz Puter


Born in 1989 in Krakow. He started his musical education at the age of seven under Mrs. Bogusława Oberbek guidance.

In 2013 he graduated from Academy of Music in Krakow in the guitar class of Professor Janusz Sochacki. From 2014 to 2016 he was perfecting his skills studying under Michal Nagy PhD as post – graduate studies at Academy Music in Krakow.

In addition he took master classes with such guitarist as: Marcin Dylla, Carlo Marchione, Gabriel Bianco, Alexis Mazurakis, Petr Seidl, Thomas Offermann and many others.

He participated in many national and international guitar festivals and competitions (for example in 2012 he was a finalist of International Guitar Competition in Berlin).

Artist has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in Poland, German, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

For some years he has cooperated with flutist Maja Minecka. Their repertoire encompasses arrangements of romantic music, impressionistic and Spanish works and music from Latin America.